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My full name is Morenikeji Neri, but I usually go by Keji. I am a third year PhD student (starting my studies in October 2021) in the University of Bath's Mathematical Foundations of Computation group. My main area of research involves using tools from logic to study different areas of mathematics such as, functional analysis and probability theory. I am also interested in computability theory and formalization using the proof assistant Lean (check out some of my work).

Outside my studies I play basketball for the university and I am an avid gym goer. Check out my TikTok and Instagram.

  • Birthday: 4 April 1999
  • City: London/Bath
  • Age: 24
  • Email:

Recent thoughts and news


Here are some papers I have written.

  • A computational study of a class of recursive inequalities
    Morenikeji Neri and Thomas Powell.
    (doi,arXiv) Journal of Logic and Analysis, 15:3:1-48, 2023.

Selected invited and contributed Talks


I tutor a range of STEM subjects, at undergraduate level and below, privately (usually online) and I do some teaching for the University of Bath. Here is a list of the courses I have taught at the University of Bath.